Monday, December 5, 2011

The Holiday Season and its effect on emotions

I bought cards last weekend. Real ones. Paper ones. Hardcopies. After years. I'm deciding to do the holiday greetings the old fashioned way. Writing them out by hand and posting them by visiting the nearest USPS.
I also filled up the trunk of my car with chocolates. I did a bulk purchase of quality chocolates from Costco and started giving them away---like Santa! My car is my sleigh and all those yummy chocolates are like the gifts!
I started with my dentist; then it was my gym trainer. Followed by my communications teacher, and my Creativity and Leadership class folks. I'll end it with a box to my building manager who's going away and a huge box to my doctor's office folks. I think I'll still have a couple of boxes left after that!
I feel good everytime I'm handing out a box. I feel a warmth I haven't felt in a while. Is it because I'm once again connecting with my community and giving back to it?
The card-sending, the chocolate-giving and all acts of kindness, big and small are reminding me how important it is to take a moment and connect personally.I hope this feeling never goes away. I wish these emotions would visit me like a welcome warmth every holiday season. Joy to one and all. Cheers!