Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Women make bad professionals?!

Who leaves work commitments and runs off to pick up a child from daycare? The mom, that's who. Makes for a bad professional!

You may think so, given the refusal on working women's part to commit to the career so that they can channelize their dedication towards their offsprings.
But if you look closely, you'll notice that women are making a choice of stepping down from a brilliant career and wearing the mom hat in order to raise excellent future citizens. Their tremendous career skills are not going away. They are now being redirected towards successful child rearing. Often a company secretly mourns the demise of this professionalism in the workspace. And manifests its sorrows in victimizing the remaining single or hitherto childless women workers: pays stagnate, the pay gap between the male and female worker widens and an overall skepticism towards the longevity of a woman worker's tenure abounds.
What if companies provided ample support to ease the transition from career woman to mom of kids?What if companies partnered with these women in helping them raise those very children who made the shift in priorities happen? Google and a number of employers provide excellent on-campus daycare options. An employer that understands its employees' struggles beyond the workplace makes for a far more attractive company to work for.
Not only will the worker continue to remain dedicated and loyal but she will also up her productivity in a gesture of gratitude for understanding and empathizing with her struggles as she juggles maternal and professional duties.
I wish more companies would grow up and consider helping out women, and thus families with such intangibles.

Sending the message, tweet style!

In this day and age of information bombardment, who has the time to read through paragraphs of text, in articles, statements, info bits, or even emails?
I don't think many of us do. The way information is proliferating, I don't think anyone is immune to the disease of skimming through documentation of pretty much any kind. Attention span has decreased dramatically in people of all ages and demographies.
This is probably why Twitter has become so popular. They're bringing SMS (short message service) style communication front and center and making it an integral part of our lives. This medium and style of communication is changing our outlook towards the written text.
Already bored of reading through the sentences above? Told you so!
I'll keep it short and conclude by saying that I am now going to try to keep my ramblings to a bare minimum in terms of word count. And if not 140 characters, I will try to make them short without compromising the impact of the message.

Wide, not deep

Learnings need to spread out across the board into multiple areas. You should not delve deep into just a single area. Doing so could lead to tunnel vision.
Indians have known this for long. And have a wholesome, well-rounded base of knowledge. This attitude has helped us tremendously in adapting to various situations and keeping the mind flexible, agile, and young.