Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sending the message, tweet style!

In this day and age of information bombardment, who has the time to read through paragraphs of text, in articles, statements, info bits, or even emails?
I don't think many of us do. The way information is proliferating, I don't think anyone is immune to the disease of skimming through documentation of pretty much any kind. Attention span has decreased dramatically in people of all ages and demographies.
This is probably why Twitter has become so popular. They're bringing SMS (short message service) style communication front and center and making it an integral part of our lives. This medium and style of communication is changing our outlook towards the written text.
Already bored of reading through the sentences above? Told you so!
I'll keep it short and conclude by saying that I am now going to try to keep my ramblings to a bare minimum in terms of word count. And if not 140 characters, I will try to make them short without compromising the impact of the message.

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